Slovak (SK)

In general terms, rural development encompasses the activities and initiatives enhancing the standard of living outside the cities, in countryside and rural provincial areas. Rural development activities are mainly concentrated on social and economic development of these areas, and are part of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Rural development in SR has progressed also by means of Rural Development Programme of SR and Operational Programme Fisheries of the SR. Separate, but integral subvention are schemes financed through direct payments.

Rural Development Programme of SR 2014 - 2020 is focused on 6 main activities: know-how and innovation sharing promotion; competetiveness, innovation technologies and sustainable economic growth promotion; organization, fair treatment and living conditions for animals and its risk management promotion; restoration, preservation and consolidation of ecosystems; resources effectiveness promotion; social inclusion and reduction of poverty.

Whithin the framework of Operational Programme Fisheries of the SR, the financial aid is to distributed for Western, Central and Eastern Slovakian regions. These regions are in scope of non-returnable EU financial grants in connection to one of the main objectives of EU strategies - Conversion. In case of SR, such a grants in this area are in force for the whole state territory except Bratislavký region.

Direct payments are part of the 1. Pillar of CAP and are financed by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF). These represent direct finacial support for farmers from EU. Direct payments are generally granted to famers as an aggregate non-bound subsidies, whereby part of the direct payments are also bound to specific comoditites or sectors, and therefore are granted to farmers as bound direct payments.

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