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Why is even necessary to seek assistance from an external company, when applying for EU grants?

Certainly, there are applicants which have developed an application and went through this long journey on their own. Equally, there are applicants, who were not that successful. When searching for an answer to above question, it is important to consider personal demands of the whole process. In order to create quality and competive project, one needs to devote to the process significant capacities. Above all, these capacities imply to the time spend and dedicated to attain a profound orientation in EU funds problematics; collection of input information needed; collection of the information related to obligatory formal attributes of the documents and actions; and finally, the development of the project itself.

Major factor in your decision is right between time and expertise demands of the whole process; or whether to exploit your own capacities, or to use experience and know-how of an external company. In following parts of this section, you will find advantages of using services of an external consulting company.

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